Cleaning and Facility Services

Our staff are trade certified and equipped with modern solutions. We take on everything from heavy duty building site cleaning to a classic spring cleaning. Contact us and let us help you out!


Cleaning & Facility Services

We claim to be the most environmentally conscious cleaning company in the Funäsdalen region. We have assignments from the local government as well as large housing complexes and private villa owners. Our staff is highly trained and certified, ready to tackle any job!

We perform cleaning of all kinds, for example:

  • Cleaning up after departed guests.

  • Building site cleaning.

  • Cleaning when moving.

  • E.T.C.

If you want a detailed description of what we person and as well as a price suggestion please contact us at 0684-21245 or
You can also click your way to our contact page and fill out a form.

Cleaning Services:

We clean efficiently and eco-friendly in large as well as small locations. We use special cleaning equipment that eliminate the need for unnecessary chemicals and wasteful use of water. We believe that a stunning result does not land on the environment's bill.
Observe: The prices below are suggestions, costs may vary depending on the nature of the assignment.

Size of property Price
30-45 m2 990:-
46-55 m2 1350:-
56-65 m2 1550:-
66-75 m2 1750:-
76-85 m2 1990:-
86-95 m2 2190:-
96-105 m2 2450:-
106-115 m2 2590:-
116-125 m2 2750:-
126-135 m2 2950:-
136-145 m2 3150:-
146-155 m2 3250:-
156-165 m2 3350:-
166-185 m2 3490:-
186-205 m2 3640:-
206-225 m2 3790:-
226-245 m2 3940:-
246-265 m2 4150:-

Expeditioner's fee of 95:- added.


We offer cleaning and polishing of windows. We have special equipment that allows us to safely polish windows of considerable size and height. This also enables us to perform work despite impractical ground level conditions. Our special brushes and scrapes use "ultra clean" water for an astonishing end product.

Laundry Services:


We have industrial-grade laundry facilities conveniently located at our reception in Funäsdalen. We charge per machine used and machine drying is included in the price.

Laundry weight: Price per machine:
0-8kg 250:-
8-16kg 350:-

Observe: The suggested prices are for standard household laundry. For special needs laundry please call 0684-21245 or fill out a request.

Painting Services:

We offer exterior painting. With removing of dirt and surface preparation. Please contact us for pricing and information.

Ground facility services:

We perform traditional as well as special services for your property or plot of land. We can mow your lawn, remove debris, and even do planting related work.