Welcome to Stugvärden in the Funäsdalen-Mountains


About us:

Hans "Hasse" & Christina "Lillan" have lived and worked together in the Funäsdalen area since 1989. We operated the hotel Gyllene Bocken in Ljusnedal up until the year 2010 and later in 2011 we took over Stugvärden. From humble beginnings Stugvärden today operates on a year-round basis with seven full time employees and over 150 locations for rent around the region.
During all these years we have built up connections and trust with local contractors and entrepreneurs. Connections that we today view as a resource to be used for you, our dear guests.

We also offer consultation on the mater. If you own property in the region, or you're perhaps planning your investment, we would love to help you towards a finished product. We look towards the needs of the market and can help you turn your investment into a desirable accommodation. 

We look forward towards your visit, and wish you an enjoyable stay in the Funäsdalen Mountains!

Hasse & Lillan with staff.

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