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New possibilities with Stugvärden!

Stugvärden has acted as a care taker and entrepreneur in the Funäsdalen Mountains for ten years.
We act as care takers for private actors as well as housing developments and commercial customers. We have the resources that makes life and business in the Funäsdalen area easy and safe for property owners. We have an established operation with many faithful and satisfied customers. They appreciate our knowledge, experience, flexibility and attention to detail. All of these factor into our ability to solve issues as they arise and work for the common goal of a profitable and desirable property. We offer wide range of services for your guests, all with the personal touch and quality of Stugvärden.

When you choose to work with Stugvärden, you are making an active investment for:

  • A professional caretaking operation. Always available and updated on the digital demands of today.
  • A high level of security with cemented routines and attention to detail. This allows you to feel safe knowing that your property is looked after and cared for when you're away.
  • A partner in Funäsdalen who is constantly striving for improvement. Always listening to and evaluating the market for optimal profits.
  • Cleaning and Laundry services.
  • A wide range of services for your guests.

Our ambition:

”Stugvärden should be the area's leading property caretaker with the aim of meeting the markets demand for services, distribution and sales. To always have the flexibility to offer an extraordinary product.”

What do we offer??

Reception and availability.
Our reception is strategically located in the center of Funäsdalen. An opportunity to meet and guide your guests. Open for inquiry and Check-In all year round.

Through our well developed routines and check lists we guarantee fair and safe treatment of your guests. We handle confirmation of identity and safe handling of keys. We perform controls on our various location with the guests. Giving them and us security before their departure. We take full responsibility before every new arrival.

Guest Services.
A generous selection for you and your guests. Cleaning, Food & Beverage, Linen and laundry services. We have everything we know the guests value.

Regular check-ups.
We look after your house, cottage or apartment. Make sure everything is in order for receiving guests. We let you know what maintenance needs to be done and let you organize with the best local craftsmen.

We market and facilitate your property for rent. We use our tried and tested channels to assure a high level of profitability and transparency. We work together with "Destination Funäsdalen" to not only further market your product but also to ensure the further development of the Funäsdalen region. 

As a partner of Stugvärden you also receive even more channels for marketing in the form of our own website and our personal networking.

For housing developments, apartment complexes and commercial properties we offer our own sales channels as well as the option to rent through channels such as, Expedia etc..

Our demands regarding your property:

In order for us to work together towards the benefit of the guest we want:

  • The property to be suited and equipped for the marketed number of guests.

  • Approved electrical and ventilation systems.

  • Suitable fire and emergency equipment in agreement with local laws.

  • Cleaning equipment.

  • Television with standard selection of channels.

  • Through cleaning of property at least once a year. Not counting routine cleaning.

  • Yearly inventory taking to ensure complete and safe equipment on property.

  • Maintenance to ensure quality.

These actions result in a higher level of guest satisfaction. This in turn yields more returning guests which is crucial for your and our future business.


If you have any questions or would like some further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards:
Hasse & Lillan with Staff.